About Terrazzo

 Terrazzo is a beautiful, low-maintenance and durable floor system that offers limitless color and material design options. It can be highly decorative and offers an eye-catching, unique look for your school, university or business. Terrazzo can be made from a wide variety of materials both new and recycled, such as marble, shell and recycled glass.  

Pompei is excited to be able to bring your vision to life with the versatile and environmentally stable terrazzo. We have successfully installed terrazzo over many decades and we specialize in highly complex projects with unique design elements. Our installers have been thoroughly trained in-house and have long tenures with our company.

One of the many benefits of using Pompei as your flooring expert is that we do not rely on independent contractors to complete our work. While this is unique to the industry, it is a business standard for Pompei. Having our own employees/installers is precisely how we complete the most difficult projects in a timely fashion with complete customer satisfaction. For terrazzo flooring, our services and expertise include:

  • Mitered, intricate metal strip work
  • Emblems
  • Waterjet cut design elements
  • Precast stair treads, counter tops and base
  • Poured in place flooring and walls
  • Restoration and repairs to existing terrazzo
  • High polish finishes
  • Recycled, glass, shell, plastic and stone aggregates
  • Design services and layout

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