Emphasizing Substrate Care for Better Quality Control

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The key to any flooring success is achieving a proper bond between all materials through correct substrate assessment, preparation and application.  To better accommodate the ever growing construction industry, Pompei will be providing substrate preparation services to its business model.  This new service will allow the following key features: Surveying Floors are only as good [...]

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Terrazzo – What Is that?

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Terrazzo Flooring.  You see it everywhere, from hotel entranceways to airports, but you may not even recognize the name.  Or you may not even know what kind of floor you’re standing on. Terrazzo floors have been around for centuries, using recycled materials, marble chips, and more, to embed into the flooring.  It is considered the [...]

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Welcome to Our New Website!

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Pompei Inc. welcomes you to our new and improved website! We are delighted to reveal our updated look with you, and we hope you like it! Our new website allows you to view our project portfolio and see first-hand the scope of the projects we have successfully completed. On our services page, you can learn [...]

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