Restoration & Maintenance

At Pompei, Restoration and Maintenance are major factors in the life of your floors and surfaces. With more than 100 years of combined craftsmanship, our crews use their vast knowledge of products, installation characteristics, state of the art equipment and emerging technologies to maintain, and restore beautiful and flawless products.

Using the proper cleaners and care products will keep your floor or surface looking like new with minimum maintenance. Upon completion of restoration services we can provide you the guidance and information you will need to keep your surfaces looking consistently beautiful year round, and year after year.

If you are in the Newport News / Virginia Beach / Richmond VA area and are in need of Restoration or Maintenance services, we would love the opportunity to service you. All work will be completed in a professional and timely manner. We look forward to hearing from you.

Terrazzo is a unique stone finish that usually contains marble chips of different sizes and colors. It is held together with a cement base or in newer applications held together with resin or epoxy base. Terrazzo is often coated with wax and has a tendency to collect dirt and yellow which will require stripping and re-waxing.

Terrazzo can be polished using a natural polishing process that eliminates the need to strip off the old wax finishes and can actually reduce the maintenance cost. When terrazzo is finished naturally, you can achieve a gloss or matte finish.

Using the proper cleaners and care products will keep your terrazzo looking like new with minimum maintenance.


Slate is natural stone which from time to time needs professional cleaning and sealing. Slate comes in several different textures. Honed slate is smooth and cleft finish is rough. Slate is a porous stone and needs to be properly cleaned and sealed after installation.

There are several different ways to finish slate. There are color enhancers, topical coatings such as wax, penetrating sealers and others. The type of seal used will determine the finished look you will achieve. You can achieve a gloss finish, matte finish or a low luster finish. Pompei can service all your slate needs and customize finishes to compliment your project.

Using the proper cleaners and care products will keep your Slate looking like new with minimum maintenance.


With more than 50 years of experience we can resolve virtually any problem you may have with granite. Pompei is qualified to restore granite. Whether it needs to be diamond honed, re-polished, or cleaned and sealed, our professional technicians can perform these services for you.

We can:

  • - Repair cracks and chips in Granite countertops
  • - Restore dull Granite floors and surfaces
  • - Remove most stains and scratches
  • - Seal and protect your Granite countertops and floors

Granite is different than other stone surfaces when it comes to recommended usage and its care and maintenance. Granite usually does not etch, however if acidic items are spilled on the surface some may etch.

Pompei serves the entire Southeastern Virginia area (Newport News, Virginia Beach, Richmond and the surrounding areas) and can polish and restore your granite countertops, vanities or floors back to their original condition.


Travertine & Saturnia
Pompei knows how to resolve many problems you may have with your Travertine and Saturnia.

We offer the following services:

  • - Cleaning
  • - Sealing
  • - Repair
  • - Refinishing (polishing and honing)
  • - Filling Holes
  • - Enhancing
  • - Etch Removal

Travertine is a unique stone that comes in many different finishes. Travertine comes in filled and unfilled. Travertine naturally has holes that run throughout the stone. The filled travertine is exactly what it says – holes are filled giving the stone a smooth finish.

Travertine comes in a honed (matte finish) and a polished finish. Depending on the usage and location, these finishes will need honing to remove scratches and etching or re-polished and sealed. From time to time holes will become exposed in the filled travertine and we can repair these holes as well.

Pompei offers services that will keep your travertine looking like new. We can clean, hone or polish and seal your travertine. If you desire we can custom finish your travertine to the finish of your choice

If you are in the Newport News / Virginia Beach/ Richmond VA area and are in need of travertine cleaning, sealing, repair or maintenance services, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.


Pompei understands the characteristics of Marble. All marble needs some type of care and maintenance. Your marble needs depend upon where it is used – floors, walls, countertops, vanities or shower walls. Marble is generally a softer stone and comes in many colors with different and beautiful veining. Some marbles are harder than others. Marble will scratch, etch and lose its shine and luster if not maintained properly.

If you have a marble floor, wall, countertop vanity or shower that has become etched, lost its shine and beauty or in need of repair, it is probably time to call a professional marble restoration contractor. Pompei serves the Southeastern Virginia Area and can repair, refinish, protect and restore your marble, limestone, travertine, saturnia or other natural stone back to its original condition.

Over time all natural stones will become scratched, etched and damaged. Pompei has developed a maintenance program that will guarantee you no restoration costs if your stone is maintained by us. Put our training and years of experience to work for you. Keep your stone looking like new forever. For a free consultation or inspection of your facility call or e-mail us at:


On average, Granwood flooring should be refinished every other year. Once again, this process will be determined by the amount and type of care the floor receives on a daily basis. Also, the amount of play the floor receives will be a factor as to how this process is preformed. This process should be performed by a professional floor contractor.

About every 10 -12 years the Granwood Floor should be completely sanded, resealed, and finished. Since this process does remove a portion of the block, sanding more than once every 10 years will seriously diminish the life cycle of the floor. This process is very detailed and should be completed by a trained professional floor contractor.