Granwood is the most versatile and durable recreational floor on the market today. Since 1956, Granwood Flooring has been used nationwide for all types of sports, recreation and community needs – aerobics, band practice, basketball, training classes, exhibits, food and beverage events, gymnastics, handball, handicapped sports, indoor hockey, inline skating, meetings, table tennis and more.

Granwood rectangular blocks are formed from recycled wood granules, fillers, pigments and linseed oil by a unique process that polymerizes and oxidizes the oil. Granwood blocks contain no mercury or lead and create a safe, splinter-free surface. The flooring is installed like ceramic tile yet its wood like characteristics allow for sanding and finishing. The final product offers all the aesthetic and ball performance characteristics of a hardwood floor but with more durability. The Granwood process produces blocks in a variety of rich colors that offer unlimited possibilities for creating distinct patterns and design. The Granwood block is unaffected by extremes of humidity and survives flood conditions. This remarkable stability has been proven in many situations where other floors would require repair or replacement. This floor outlasts all other hardwood and synthetic athletic floor surfaces. Granwood is manufactured in England.

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